An asian toilet

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By Greg Rodgers. The squat toilets in Asia aren't the most glamorous of subjects to cover, but you're bound to encounter one or more while traveling in Asia. Many Western travelers try to avoid them but eventually have to face their fears.

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Though bathrooms here are becoming more and more westernized, many toilets still lack the luxury of a porcelain seat. Using an Asian toilet is just like doing your business in the woods. Many actually prefer this method, and I can see why.

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Using Asian toilets is kind of like playing a game show on TV. They only wanted to know the important stuff. The mecca of toilets in Asia is the western style toilet.

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I was still new at this overseas travel thing and thought that only the bidet was a unique toilet experience I would have to encounter in Italy. I learned a lot that semester — especially about the art or the tragedy of using squat toilets, and that knowledge has grown through months of travel in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. They may be rare in North America, but travel to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and parts of Europe, and you will quickly be introduced to an experience or two of using a squatter. Popular tourist destinations will tend to cater to the Western traveler with hotels and expat locations installing the sitting style toilets.

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All of The guide books make reference to it; the Asian toilet a. Squatty Potty, but no one from Lonely Planet is telling you how to use it. There is no diagram or map, they just let you figure it out yourself.

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I decided that it would be a nice addition to the blog if I recreated the how-to guide as a video. Plus, it provided me the perfect chance to make a new funny video. Thanks for joining me in the bathroom today.

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Squat toilets are terrifying when you encounter one for the first time. Where do you sit? How do you watch YouTube videos comfortably?

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To use a squat toilet, first decide whether you want to remove your pants or lower them to your ankles. Try not to squat directly over the hole since water could splash back up when you pee. Instead, position yourself closer to the hood of the toilet if possible.

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Prepare yourself to drool over these 41 meals, each featuring mouthwatering photos, details, and where you can eat it. I've also included some of my personal travel eating tips and answered some of your top questions Though squat pots may not be the choice method of excretion for many, travelers will inevitably face an occasion where nature pushes harder than the ability to select a posh throne.

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Abhorred my many foreigners, this toilet forces you to squat down when going number two, greatly reducing the comfort of your bathroom visit. As it turns out, the chair-like toilet that is so now ubiquitous in most of the Western world was actually the domain of the rich and powerful before the midth century. The earliest toilets date back to Ancient Egypt.


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