Green thumb light system

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The Green Thumb Grow Light System provides a controlled environment, away from the elements, to allow fragile seedlings to become established prior to outdoor transplanting. It can also be used to grow indoor plants in need of added light. The Green Thumb Grow Light System is easy and fast to assemble, so you can begin to grow new plants right away.

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For lights and lighting needs we always recommend doing research on different lights by style and brand. But here is a simple overview of lighting needs and styles for different gardening techniques. For all plants light quantity makes a big difference.

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Compare Kits. Cross Country. Solar Harvest.

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To quickly and efficiently grow plants from seeds I built a simple and low cost LED grow light kit. I used a plastic storage bin to support the LED strip lights and to provide a moist environment during seed germination and early growth. After the seedlings reached a healthy size they were transferred to the garden for the summer. Additionally, the measured light strip spectrum matches the wavelengths that plants absorb during photosynthesis, promoting efficient and optimal plant growth.

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The Newest addition to growing cannabis and indoor plants is the high-tech plasma grow light. If you are an advanced grower you have probably heard of what these lights can do. If you are new to growing then, heads up, the plasma grow light is the next big thing.

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We pride ourselves on quality advice and customer support. We did not feel we could provide the level our local customers have come to expect on an e-commerce site. Please feel free to contact us in regards to your product needs.

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Frilled and Variegated. Stunning Red. Crisp Coral.

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Grow lights have massively improved over recent years and you can now get grow lights on an affordable budget that are actually extremely effective for the amount of money you spend, unlike when LED lighting first appeared on the market and budget LED lights for indoor growing were basically junk and a waste of time. There are many different good affordable options you will have to choose from, whether you want a complete grow lamp solution or simply a bulb to put in a lamp you already own. Even if you already own a big fancy grow light you could always use a smaller more affordable LED light to add extra lighting to your system as you can never have too much light when it comes to indoor gardening. I have reviewed the 7 best options I came across when I was buying myself a cheap LED grow light so I hope this will help you make a good choice for successful growing!

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Just like SAD lamps get rid of the blues for those with seasonal affective disorder, indoor grow lights have an even better effect on house plants. Plants are alive and to keep them that way, they need light not necessarily sunlight. The lighting systems used by indoor gardeners help to control much of those elements.

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The winter can be a sad time for a gardener. With a blanket of snow covering everything they can only mournfully look out the window and dream of the spring. However, if you have the room or a basement that can spare some — consider getting your green thumb on with some indoor gardening. A cute feature of the Green Thumb Grow Light System is that it only needs a light touch at the center of the fixture raise or lower the light to the desired height, allowing you to keep the tubes extra close to the plant canopy.


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