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Jason wrote me another fantastic fic! XD His message to all: "I really like the relationship between these two, it's very sweet, if a little sad at times. Enjoy, my spanko friends!

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These are not those moments. These moments are what happens when sales drop, franchises fizzle, and ideas run dry. We've all been there.

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Spanking in comics is actually a rather fascinating phenomena. Because, once upon a time, it was all over the freaking place! The number of times you find a good spank in a comic book is something approaching infinity.

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Post a Comment. When super-heroes were spanking women in vintage comics, a vision as disturbing as surreal, but yet very real! Although daily violence against women sometimes seems to belong to another age, unfortunately figures and facts about beaten women are still part of the daily landscape, and until not so long ago, even super-heroes were beating women. Gathered by the website Flashbak, here is an incredible collection of examples of superheroes more or less famous, spanking a woman to put her back in her place.

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Post by butch yahoo. Chicago Spanking Review Forum Discussion of any and all things related to adult spanking Skip to content. Quick links.

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From the inception of the funny pages until today, sexism in comics has been rampant. Even though the female superheroes that grace the pages of our favorite books are just as powerful and nuanced as their male counterparts, they're still hyper-sexualized in a way that Batman, Robin, and other male heroes never will be unless we're talking about slash fiction, and if that's the case, then all bets are off. Prepare to have your feathers ruffled.

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Our other gateway into this crazy world is Hughie, Jack Quaid a completely normal guy whose life is upended by the carelessness of a Supe. Quaid the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid is very likable and believable as the somewhat meek and mild-mannered Hughie, whose tragedy helps him find his backbone. Billy Butcher, played with scenery chewing enthusiasm by Karl Urban, a kind of FBI agent who approaches Hughie to help him in his quest to bring down shady and unethical Supes.

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Squirrel Girl started as a joke, a character so implausibly silly that you had to laugh at her even in her victories. But, a funny thing happened after the character got her own series: people started laughing with her. Way back inone of the men who co-created Spider-Man introduced Squirrel Girl in a loopy one-off story. Steve Ditko had long been a recluse by that point, so any mainstream Marvel output by the legendary creator was worth paying attention.

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The so-called "golden age of spanking" coincided closely with the rise of comics as a mass industry, signaled by the debut of Action Comics number one in June, By the end of the thirties, spanking was a well established tradition within the comics milleau, featuring clearly defined visual and narrative conventions. When comic books began flooding the newstands in the early forties, spanking was featured in an equally wide variety of genres: Superhero, Western, Funny Animal, Sci-fi and teenaged humor; followed later in the decade by Jungle-Girl, Crime and Romance comics.

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Commission for Several superheroes spank several super villains. Add a Comment:. Load All Images. Antonissen Featured By Owner Oct 14,


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