Macebell swinging

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Let me tell you it is not easy when your body and mind has been conditioned to fear. In case this is the first time reading one of my articles, I was diagnosed with costochondritis a few months ago which affected my training overall. I have had days where I would rest more than a day to recover from a flare up in my collar bone and rib cage area.

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No matter what your main objective in your training is, it takes a LOT more than just getting your workouts in, to be successful. As my sponsors, Onnit has sent me a special link so that my readers can get a copy of this issue, and all you need to do is pay the shipping charges. The cover and pages actually feel more like catalog quality than cheapo magazine stock.

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February 07, 2 Comments. The mace has been around for a long time. It has been used by wrestlers for centuries, most notably in India.

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Mace Traininginspired by the ancient Persian warrior elite, is an improvement on the sledgehammer that is believed to be a more effective way to build core and rotational strength. With a hollow metal handle and anywhere from 7 to 25 pounds of steel on one end, the unbalanced nature of the mace challenges rotational strength and core stability while working the primary movers throughout the entire body. Everything from head to toe is called upon to move and stabilize with the mace, making it the perfect strength and conditioning tool to burn calories and have fun doing it.

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In days of old, a large stone, with a hole through the centre of it, big enough to push a metre length of bamboo pole securely into it, gave you a gada mace to lift and swing for exercise. It was and is intended to be very clumsy and difficult to handle, featuring a long shaft and complete lack of counterbalance. The longer the shaft the more resistance, plus heavier weights on the end will also increase resistance.

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This medieval-looking piece of equipment will help you feel like a badass while building a massive upper body. My earliest memories of athletic training revolve around conventional equipment. You know, the barbells, dumbbells and weight plates that make up most of today's weight rooms.

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If you haven't heard of a steel mace—a type of strength training equipment also termed a macebell—you're not alone. These long metal rods capped with a weighted ball aren't often found in your standard gym or training studio. But that doesn't mean they're something new. In fact, according to Onnit, a steel mace manufacturer and a forerunner in the realm of "primal fitness," maces have been used as weapons and training implements for thousands of years, and they were actually a favorite tool of ancient Hindu warriors.

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Mace strength training. I made a mace out of wood, plastic and concrete. It ended up weighing 46 pounds 21 kg!

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Home About Articles Programs Contact. Top 3 Benefits of Steel Mace Training Everyone is always looking for new ways to get stronger and yet still keep their mobility for their daily lives. However the problem is most get the wrong idea you have to choose one or the other. Enter the steel mace: a tool that cannot only strengthen your entire body, but mobilize it in flexible positions.


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